Common Truck Issues and Ways to Prevent Them From Happening

Common Truck Issues 27 Jul 2022

Trucks are known to form the backbone of the business sector of any country. Most goods and cargo are exported and imported within the country’s bounds via trucks. Thus, there are many who are into the truck business and drive trucks frequently to keep their business running.

So, are you a truck owner who hauls cargo every now and then and is worried about the well-being of your trucks? Do you wish to extend the lifespan of your trucks so that you do not have to reach out to a truck wrecker in Ipswich sometime soon to sell your old trucks? If yes, then here we pen down the most common truck problems that a truck owner is prone to encounter and tips that can be implemented to prevent a mishap:

Engine problems

Engine problems are one of the major issues that your trucks can accrue. If you frequently find your trucks making excessive and weird noise while starting, there are high chances that there are some problems with your truck’s engine. Whether it is a rattling, hissing, knocking, or grinding sound, it indicates that your truck engine needs servicing. Also, before you get to hear such noises, chances are that you may witness early symptoms of your engine deteriorating. Such alarm signals may include poor acceleration, loss of power, inconsistent fuel economy, difficulty in engine start-up, etc.

If your trucks regularly cover a huge mileage count, then it is always a good idea to get the filters replaced, and oil changed in regular intervals to extend the life of the truck engine. Also, you should keep an eye on the other parts of the truck, such as spark plugs, fuel injectors, condenser, etc., to ensure that you do not encounter a truck breakdown. Moreover, get your trucks inspected and serviced regularly to enhance the service period of your truck engine.

Brake issues

A truck owner can encounter issues with the brakes as a result of the malfunctioning braking system or the brake pedals. Heavy duty trucks are often loaded with cargo all the time and hence turn out to be heavy. This puts extra pressure on the truck brakes. Though a truck is designed to handle the pressure, there still arises chances of wear and tear. In extreme cases, there can be fluid leakage which may also result in brake failures.

By saying this, we do not mean to scare you, but all you need to do is to make way for regular checks and maintenance. By paying heed to regular maintenance of truck brakes, any such brake failure situations can be avoided.

Tire issues

Most of the roadside breakdowns of trucks you get to see on the way are caused due to tire issues. Under-inflated tires tend to heat up and bend, resulting in a breakdown. Overheating of tires can cause the weakening of rubber, which leads to tire explosion. Also, uneven tires resulting from damaged or misaligned suspensions can cause wear and tear, which deteriorates the ride quality and reduces the chances of accruing flat tires of your trucks.

Another thing to note is that tires are susceptible to road and may gradually suffer wear and tear while driving on the road. Besides that, when your trucks jump over a pothole, the pressure exerted on the tires can degrade it further if you drive at a fast space crossing such potholes. You can also accrue flat tires if you drive your trucks with tires that are overinflated or underinflated and have misaligned wheels.

To avoid tire mishaps, consider driving slow while moving over curbs and potholes. Also, maintain a proper speed instead of speeding up unnecessarily. Always maintain proper inflation and pressure in all the tires and keep checking the same at regular intervals. Additionally, seek services from an expert if you have misaligned or bent wheels, as it can land you down into truck breakdown troubles.


These were a few common truck problems that every truck owner faces some or the other time. The only way to escape the above mentioned-truck issues is by showering them with regular care and maintenance, or you end up looking for companies that offer cash for scrap cars to sell your trucks that are no more in proper working condition. Performing a regular inspection before you head out with your truck for the next trip and getting a tune-up done if required will save your truck from facing the wrath of truck breakdown.

Also, make sure that when your truck demands part replacement, you buy branded products instead of using substandard quality products. Or, you may again end up neglecting the health of your trucks, reducing the lifespan of your trucks in the long run.

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